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Need Help on Socket


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Hi All

Good Evening , Need a help.

Is it possible to find the status of a TCP socket ? Whether it is closed or alive.


When a client suddenly looses its connection to the internet or intranet, will it possible to detect such sockets.?

Any help much appreciated.


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Thanks Manadar

For the quick reply.

I will describe the situation , where i am getting stuck.

I am having a client server application , the server is running on Asynchronous tcp socket method and it's having n number of clients connected.The server can read/write and do all other kinds of requests as usual but when a client suddenly disconnects ,the server application is not able to detect such kinds of sockets.So next time the same client connect back to the server ,the server application will treat the same client as a new connection.This creates a duplicate sockets.

All i want is to detect and remove such kinds of sockets in the server application immediately when the client disconnects.

Please help me

Any help much much appreciated.


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