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Retrieve IE History

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After searching the forum for a way to retrieve the internet history from the local drive, I came up with nothing at all. I found a few c# codes that did the trick, but i couldn't make it into a dll, even after asking for help here on the forum. I searched google for hours, looking for a small command line program that would do what I wanted, but all I could find was oversized programs that did way more than I needed. Then I came across this from code guru. I tried hard to convert the code I found into a dll compatible function that would return a list of the url history in a delimited string, but I have very little c++ knowledge. Luckily, the compiled version accepts command line parameters.

I am going to add it to my Gecko Web Browser (in my sig), but since it took me so long to find out how to do this and it seems that nobody has found a way to do it in AutoIt, I decided to post it in a separate thread. The string functions can probably be replaced fully with StringRegExp() by a master, but I am no master. The string functions make the code messy, but in my tests, it gets the job done.


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