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Running Programs on another PC

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Hi, so I am new to using AutoIt but I have some experience in using other programming languages, mostly Java. I am looking for a way to run a program on another computer by executing it on my computer. Ideally this would be done without being logged on to the secondary computer. I assume this would use TCP but I can't think of a way to do it. My computer would have the credentials to execute. I don't have much knowledge working with server/client setups or anything like that so I don't know if my thinking is flawed. Any ideas of what I should look into?

Also, is there a way to simulate mouse clicks, etc. without being logged into the computer?

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try using psexec.exe (bundled with MS pstools).

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Thanks, I am checking this out, having some issues with permissions atm, keep ya updated.

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Is the only difference between control click and mousedown is that you can assign it to a specific button? I created a script to create a text document. I then used psexec to call the script remotely, however it doesn't successfully execute (no txt file is created), is it even possible to simulate mouse clicks without being logged into the system?

#region --- ScriptWriter generated code Start ---
WinWait("Program Manager","FolderView")
If Not WinActive("Program Manager","FolderView") Then WinActivate("Program Manager","FolderView")
WinWaitActive("Program Manager","FolderView")
WinWait("Program Manager","New Text document.tx")
If Not WinActive("Program Manager","New Text document.tx") Then WinActivate("Program Manager","New Text document.tx")
WinWaitActive("Program Manager","New Text document.tx")
#endregion --- ScriptWriter generated code End ---

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