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Looking for a list of all possible ADO commands

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I am sure that i do not know the correct terminolgy or atleast my google searches would indicate so...

I am often connecting to databases and doing various things. All i know i have basically learned off of other people's functions. I am wanting to invent some of my own tricks and was wondering if their was a list of all the possible commands/functions that can be used via ADO. specifically for MS Access.

What I am talking about would be stuff like this:

;---- Connections ----
$Connection=ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection") ;Create ADODB connection:
$RecordSet=ObjCreate("ADODB.Recordset") ;Create ADODB Recordset 

$CommandTime = $RecordSet.Fields(2).Value

All these commands after the periods... first of all what are they called... and second of all where can i find a dictionary of these commands?



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this might be useful for you:




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or this one



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