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IE8 and File Upload

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The example script given in "_IEFormElementSetValue ()" manual for <input type=file> no longer works in IE8. I am looking for a way to work around.

In IE8 the security setting has been changed that we are no longer able to send keystroke to the <input type=file>'s input box. It is now readonly. Because Micro$oft thinks that allowing the users to key in the full path directly would expose the full path name to the server if the document simply use keydown handler to intercept the keystrokes.

It seems now that we must click the browse button and key in the filename in that Choose file window. I know the title of that choose file Window is "Choose File" in English Windows. But my script need to be executed in Windows of various language. I cannot hard code the title string into my script.

Is there a portable way to send keystroke as in the old days?

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