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This is a Constants UDF that I wrote to save a couple scripts from "Magic values"

It contains constants for...

* @OSLang values (more up to date than the appendix; includes 160 Languages)

* @OSVersion values (just because I could)

* @OSBuild Values named by the version of windows that it corresponds to

* @MON Values (named by number and month)

* @MDAY Max Values (numbers of days in any given month, including array listing of month names)

* @WDAY Values (by number and name, including array listing of names)

Macro.au3 Functions

* _Macro_GetLang

* _Macro_GetMonth

* _Macro_GetPlatformCompatabillity

* _Macro_GetWDay

* _Macro_GetMonth

Happy Scripting,



-Fixed Spelling mistake...oops

-Added More Build numbers

-Added Macro.au3 UDF lib to help utilize the constants

Previous Downloads: 49



Edited by NerdFencer

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Thank you very much NerdFencer

Happy holidays.

[size="5"] [/size]

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