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System Restore UDF


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Here is a UDF that I wrote which provides full system restore functionality.

The entire UDF library is written to conform to the AutoIt UDF Standards.

Now includes restore point searching, and service management.

Function List

* _Restore_ConvertTimestamp

* _Restore_CreateRestorePoint

* _Restore_DeleteRestorePoint

* _Restore_DisableDrive

* _Restore_EnableDrive

* _Restore_EnumerateRestorePoint

* _Restore_EnumerateRestorePoints

* _Restore_GetDiskPercent

* _Restore_GetGlobalInterval

* _Restore_GetLastRestoreStatus

* _Restore_GetLifeInterval

* _Restore_GetSessionInterval

* _Restore_ParseTimestamp

* _Restore_SearchRestorePoints

* _Restore_SetDiskPercent

* _Restore_SetGlobalInterval

* _Restore_SetLifeInterval

* _Restore_SetSessionInterval

* _Restore_Restore

* _Restore_SvcSetStartMode

* _Restore_SvcStart

* _Restore_SvcStop

Happy Holidays,


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