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eulers constant

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how would i get around the maximum number of decimals used in an int (i think it is 15) in order to calculate eulers constant to lets say 1000 digits? right now my code looks as such, i tried bigint but it didnt work too well, is there any way i can use arrays? if i set the number at the end of the for loop too high the msgbox just says 1.#INF since the value is too large.

$e = 0
$fin = 0

for $i = 0 to 100 step 1 ;can change 100 to whatever you like
    $fin = ((2*$i)+2)/_Factorial((2*$i)+1)
    $e += $fin

msgbox(0, "e", $e)

Func _Factorial($mfFactor)
    If $mfFactor = 0 Then Return 1
    Dim $return = 1
    For $i = $mfFactor to 1 Step - 1
        $return *= $i
    Return $return

global $warming = true

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