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In the following code snippet the line: _PrintSetFont($hp,'Arial',18,0,'bold,underline')

sets the font. The 0 = black.

When trying other colors(1,2 ....) the result stays black; Why?

Is there a list of available colors?


#include 'printMGv2.au3'
Global $hp
Local $mmssgg,$marginx,$marginy
$hp = _PrintDllStart($mmssgg);this must always be called first
if $hp = 0 then
    consolewrite("Error from dllstart = " & $mmssgg & @CRLF)
$newselect = _PrintSetPrinter($hp)

_PrintSetDocTitle($hp,"This is a test page for PDFcreator No. 01")
$pght = _PrintGetpageheight($hp) - _PrintGetYOffset($hp)
$pgwd = _PrintGetpageWidth($hp) - _PrintGetXOffset($hp)

$Title = "This is a test of the printer dll"
$tw = _PrintGetTextWidth($hp,$Title)
$th = _PrintGetTextHeight($hp,$title)
_PrintText($hp,$title,Int($pgwd/2 - $tw/2),_PrintGetYOffset($hp))

For $n = 1 To 12
    _PrintText($hp,"This is color : " & $n-1,100,100+(70 * $n))


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Differences in color of only 1 or 2 in any single field ( R, G, or B ) are going to be very small and hard to detect with the naked eye. So it's not surprising that 0, 1, and 2 all look like the same black. Try larger differences to see the results.


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try using "0xFF0000" instead of "0", I think it wants it in RGB form. I haven't tested though :|


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