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Simple Help?, remove specifik letters from a string


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Ok ive been searching around, i dunno maybe i just dont know what to search for, but i simply cant find it =/ sorry for asking tho.

But i must know ;)

Ok i have a :

$mystring = "$Mego de"

What i need is something that remove certain letters, here i need to remove the letter "$" and " "(space).

Any tips/gudielines or actual code anyone could provide?


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You can do this in one command, and even add more matching characters if you need to.

$mystring = StringRegExpReplace($mystring, '[$\s]', '')

Note that the \s means ANY whitespace character (Horizontal Tab, Line Feed, Vertical Tab, Form Feed, Carriage Return, and the standard space) if you would rather just match the space character then replace \s with a space.

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