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AutoIT ignores my For loop statment? Only runs for loop once!

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The code:

For $i = 1 To 5 Step 1
        ;first, find a path that matches our filter
        MsgBox(0,"the type of this path", _XMLGetAttrib($zonePath & "/" & $tempPathNameArray[$i], "type"))

        If (_XMLGetAttrib($zonePath & "/" & $tempPathNameArray[$i], "type") == $pathType) Then

            $pathPath = $zonePath & "/" & $tempPathNameArray[$i]
            ;now count how many nodes we have
            $nodeCount = _XMLGetNodeCount($pathPath & "/*")
            For $i = 0 To ($nodeCount - 1) Step 1
                ;for each node, check and compare x and y values
                $temp1DArray[$i] = _XMLGetAttrib($pathPath & "/Node" & $i, "x")
                $temp1DArray2[$i] = _XMLGetAttrib($pathPath & "/Node" & $i, "y")
                $tempDistance = _Distance($playerX, $playerY, $temp1DArray[$i], $temp1DArray2[$i])

                If $tempDistance < $minDist Then
                    $minDist = $tempDistance
                    $minDistx = $temp1DArray[$i]
                    $minDisty = $temp1DArray2[$i]
                    $minpathPath = $pathPath
                    $minnodeNum = $i

            MsgBox(0,"returned a min dist of",$minDist)


This for loop, when run by autoit, only pops up the msgbox "test" "test" a single time.

But that is impossible! Because it is sitting in a for loop that goes to 5 with a step of 1!!

What the heck?!

*EDIT: Sorry i forgot basic array 101, never use the same array variable ($i) inside of a nested for loop.

Oops can i get a delete? ;)(

Edited by mavor

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