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Network ips and autoit

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whell this might not be releted 100% to autoit but i am planing to make a program in autoit to block ips listet in a text file.

and alot of other functions witch i find usefull for what im doing.

i have been playing with the netstart -n command and i would also like my program to show those connections in a GUI, this is not the problem. the problem is how to get the information, and how to block a connection from an ip.

i would like to do it in the background without using the command promt.

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this is about autoit right?

so what would i do with a firewall or host file?

is it relly that hard to make a script witch blocks a list with ips in it?l

i still want the script to run in the back without disturbing me..

so how dose a firewall like norton blok an ip in... lets sey 24 hours?

i gues autoit cant do it, but it can monitor for a connection with an ip from a list and then close it if found.... i would like my script to block the ip insted of monitoring for connections thou (ill might be forced to use c++ insted then)

but i still dont know how to monitor for a connection or block an ip..

the firewalls can do it, so this must mean that i can do it the same way by myself or?

if its to advanced to explain, then can you trow me a link where i can read about those things before i start programing my script?

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to drag you information from the command netstat type netstat -x -x >text.txt and grab the text file with autoit to take what you wan. and to block a ip adress im sure you can do that with a dllcall but i don't know this method, but i know that you can play with static route type route add iptoblock MASK Gateway the important think is that you must type a gateway in a private network. exemple if your private ip is then type if is not valid for a gateway it will work. and if you wanna block a url use the hosts file located in system32 folder you put www.microsoft.com it will be blocked from accessing.

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