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semitransparent Windows Click through (R-click) or not (L-click)


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Hi, the day before yesterday I found out AutoIt existed and I think it is really super. Without any previous knowledge I managed to write a functional tray application with which I can load and save different touchpad profiles for my Asus netbook (synaptics only supports one, I now have 8 or 100 if I wanted to).

I was busy writing an small application in Python doing the following: the Rosetta Stone Language tutor is running and I put an transparent window over it with a menu. When I left click it saves the coordinates of a selectable (Rosetta Stone uses a non standard gui: it are all custom made bitmaps) and writes it to a file or debug window (from this I copy it at put it in a Python script for Eventghost) (also I can select different types of exercises).

Why Eventghost and this way? Because I want to relax sitting on my coach and use my remote control to learn a language and not by clicking the mouse in front of a 40 inch screen. Actually my neck hurts.

However to collect all the data sometimes I need to actually click on the Rosetta Stone application itself to advance to the next item, so minimize my transparent window, click on the application, maximize the window again and click to collect the coordinates... a lot of work as you can image.

To avoid this crazy driving minimizing/maximizing stuff, I need to be able to have a script (or hints in that direction) that will pass a left click on the semitransparent window to the desired eventhandler in AutoIT and a right click that passed right through to the Rosetta Stone application. This would be easy if the application (Rosetta Stone) would accept SendKeys... but it only accepts mouse clicks.

I googled and googled and searched this forum for hours and played with some ideas but I never was able to find anything which would do the job (keep in mind I am a total newbie with AutoIT).

Is this possible with AutoIT(transparency window at top: Leftclick = handle it by AutoIt function, Rightclick = pass the click through)?

Obviously there are other solutions like reading the Rosetta Stone self invented database structure (unknown to mankind), or automize the minimizing/maximizing stuff, but I feel my approach will be usefull generically for other programs.

Certainly, what I am asking is possible. Just look at the behaviour of magnify.exe with Aero on.

BTW OS = Win 7

In short: help.


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