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True memory usage by script ... ??

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How to get true usage memory by script ??

When I run my script application (full screen window, music in background, some guictrl's, pictures etc... so normal application) task manager show me that script taking ~46MB of memory... CPU usage is 2~20

when I open some another child guis inside this main parent it's take ~2-3 MB MORE (task meng show ~49 MB, CPU usage is still 2~20)...

when I close this child guis it's going back to ~46MB.

Everything was be fine but...

when I "minimize" script to taskbar - script memory usage is ~2-4MB, CPU usage is ~2 and next when I return window (to full screen) memory usage is ~10MB, CPU usage is 2~20 ;)

Everything working good... music is still playing... all picture in right place but script taking only ~10 MB (+/- this ~2-3MB after child guis). So why it's so big difrent before and after minimize window... :: Before - ~46MB After - ~10MB ::

Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

My code is too big to put here but maybe someone know what's going on...

My only one idea is searching problem in >> icons.au3


Sometimes png images used in icons.au3 function taking hide after open/close child guis... but maybe I'm wrong...

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Post in general support next time, this forum is for sharing only.

On topic: You should not care how windows decides to manage memory for your application. When your window is minimized windows probably swaps away some stuff and frees stuff that used to be visible.

Unless you're leaking memory (if you're only using autoit then you almost never have to worry) or using extremely much memory you should not care about memory usage. Computers today have lots of it for a reason.

Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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