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AutoIt v3.3.3.0 (Beta) Released

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AutoIt v3.3.3.0 (Beta) Released:


- Added: Ability to read and write UTF-8 files with no BOM including automatic detection during reading.

- Fixed #1345: Number() failed to handle numbers with a trailing decimal point.

- Fixed #384: Under certain circumstances the network credentials flag would prevent the process from starting when launched with RunAs() or RunAsWait().

- Fixed #1370: StringInStr() would crash with a negative occurrence and start position greater than the string length.

- Fixed #1367: Calling GUIDelete() from a GUIRegisterMsg() callback that returns $GUI_RUNDEFMSG would crash AutoIt.

- Fixed #1363: FileSetPos() did not work when the origin was the current position.

- Fixed #1355: Regression in how unsigned numbers are displayed when returned from DllCall().

- Removed: The "RAW" reading mode from FileOpen() has been removed.


- Changed: _SQLite 3.6.19 -> 3.6.21

- Fixed #1338: bad _ArrayDisplay() GUI position error.

- Fixed #1362: _WinAPI_WindowFromPoint() did not work with 64-bit AutoIt.


- Fixed #1327: Some keywords would fail to open correctly in rare cases.

Discuss the beta here.

Report issues here.

Download here.

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