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stand alone auto clicker?

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Hello to everyone,

I am new to this forum please go easy on me.. I dont know exactly what to search for so I created this topic to ask for peoples help or point me in the right direction.. here is my situation :

I want to make a bot for a flash game which doesn't use any hotkeys but only mouse clicks, I know you can make one using pixel searching but with an auto clicker bot it means that you have to leave your browser open right and leave it to do its work.. But I was wondering if there is a way to make this bot without needing your browser to be on that exact page while autoit controls your mouse, meaning you are free to go ahead and open a new tab and surf or play games, I mean just be able to do other things while autoIt still does its job.. kinda like the bot used for ragnarok named kore it has its own window and even without the client being opened it can still do its job while you do other things.. I dont know much but auto clicking seems not to be the right place to start to do this, so I was thinking maybe a packet bot? something that sends packets (the one that tells the server that it used this skill or that etc.) and wait for the server to send back a packet before the bot continues on sending the next packets that you want the bot to do.. Is it possible with autoIt? if it is not is there any other place that anyone might know where I can accomplish this task?

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The answer is quite simply no. You can't have AutoIt controlling one mouse and you another. The only thing I can think of is memory editing.

thank you so much for your reply, how about my second idea is it possible with autoIt to be able to write a program that sends a certain packet when another packet is received?

example: server sends packet A to client

client receives and reply's with user chosen packet ?

server sends packet b

client reply's again with a different user made packet

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I would recomend reading some about it, im reading about it my self.

im having an other option though! you could use a virtual os wich u can leave running for as long as u want.

only a thing. this will eat much of your computer.

oh I know about virtual os but thats definetly not an option for me haha my laptop is already slow as it is >,<.. Im reading about tcp but it the basics are about connecting to a server haha and im already lost on how to get the server ip etc >,< I wonder tho if the server will recognize that its only packets thats being sent to it and not the user personally clicking the items instead..

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