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AutoIt + Themida

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With AutoIt i have massivly problems to crypt autoit files with Themida or winlicense

with everything worked

error message from windows: a problem occured and the programm has to be closed (i translated it)

if i compile a simple msgbox, then themida works

if i use any of my scripts, nothing works.

Does anyone else have this problem and knows a fix or another good working crypter what you can not simply decompile with the decompiler of cwk?

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There is no tool in the world that can be used on compiled scripts that can do anything to protect your compiled script.

When you run those tools you 'protect' AutoIt engine that run your script and not script itself.

Any attempt to 'crypt' your actual script would only produce different error messages. Leave those tools alone when you code in AutoIt.

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I had face this problem before...but everything work fine again after I not packed the exe with UPX.

Themida seem not work with packed exe using UPX.

AUTOIT[sup] I'm lovin' it![/sup]

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