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Pygments and Autoit Coloration

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Hy Guys.

Before to start i want to say you I'm french and i don't speak very well english ;)

I don't know if you know about Pygments (http://pygments.org/).

The French Autoit Community (http://autoitscript.fr) is writing a tutorial about Autoit (In French of course) and a very nice french site for tutorials (http://siteduzero.com) uses the Pygments Coloration.

And of course Pygments don't know the Autoit Coloration language. However they say we can create an own lexer (http://pygments.org/docs/lexerdevelopment/) but i haven't the level to do this. (All in english first over) Moreover, I don't know how Scite does his coloration and maybe it could help.

Someone knows how to do?

Thx for help



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In fact, it isn't a problem with Autoit. I juste want to be able to put into Pygments the Autoit Coloration.

They say in their site its possible:

Just after the list of supported langages :

... that's all?

Well, why not write your own? Contributing to Pygments is easy and fun. Lookhere for the docs on lexer development and here for contact details.

But i don't know how to do. It's Why i asked i the coloration in Scite could help me to success.



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