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Help with Error Handling

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Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new with AutoIT but not to programming, I've managed to create some good scripts for my job however I've always struggled with Error Control / Handling. I've mainly made TCP event driven apps which have over 200 client connections and at times I get errors and the client just stops - ideally I'd like to handle these errors and be able to recover or in a worst case scenario, re-start the application.

My issue is that whatever I try to "catch" errors, it never seems to work ;)

Here's a very simple test of error handling which, I believe should work - but doesn't:

; Error Control Test
; Wanting to handle basic errors

Global $EControl  = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "ErrorControl")
Dim $VarA
Dim $VarD[1]

; Create undefined variable error
$VarA = $VarB & $VarC

; Create undimensioned variable error
$VarD[5] = "Testing"

Func ErrorControl()
    ; Intercept Error Message
    ConsoleWriteError("Error Caught: " & $EControl.description & " (" & $EControl.number & ")" & @CRLF)
    return 0

Neither "errors" are caught and just end up quitting the application.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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Catching COM errors can't help you when something outside COM breaks down, so forget what you just wrote.

You should have a "parent" script that Run() the real one with the /ErrorStdOut, and then catch error that way.

I think it's read by StdoutRead but don't know, I haven't actually done this myself.

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Thank you - I hadn't thought about doing it that way!

As the arrays in my scripts can be redimensioned by events, even with a locking variable I've not been able to get around these kinds of errors. But this is the perfect solution ;)

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