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[SOLVED] Send an Array with callfunction to Flash...

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AFAIK the Flash ExternalInterface API should support Boolean, String, Number, Array, Object types.

Supposing I have this Array in AutoIt script:

$Array = [1,2,3]

and this callback function in Flash:


Function sendArray(message:Array) {

I know that with:

$oFlash.CallFunction('<invoke name="sendArray"><arguments><string>some string</string></arguments></invoke>')

I can send a single string to Flash.

How can I send a single or multidimensional array to Flash? Which is the correct CallFunction syntax?

Thank you very much for your time...

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Ok, found by myself:

$oRP.CallFunction('<invoke name="checkFavs" returntype="xml"><arguments><array><property id="0"><string>first</string></property><property id="1"><string>second</string></property></array></arguments></invoke>')

In ActionScript:

function checkFavs(message:Array) {
    trace(message[1]); // will type "second"

See ya.

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