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Creating a Snapshot of a minimized window


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Please don't say this isn't possible, it might not be directly? but I've been reading on it and this seems to be the path you want to take and I'm trying to figure all this out..

Disable MinAnimate effect

Transparent the window (PrintWindow can take a snap from such a window)

Restore the Window


Minimize it again

Remove transparency

Enable MinAnimate effect

Now... I know to disable the MinAnimate effect you do it through a dll call (user32.dll) SystemParametersInfo, SPI_SETANIMATION, We can get/set the effect status in ANIMATIONINFO structure.

Now, I think I can do every thing else on my own I am just confused on this dll call, if anyone can help me it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Okay, you seem to know how to go about it.

As you stated, a screenshot of a minimized window isn't possible (as far as I'm aware). So set it trans 0, restore it, take the screenshot and minimize it again.

I don't know about minanimate, but I have seen the dllcall winanimate used successfully on this forum. This should give a similar effect or at least point you in the right direction to how to get the minanimate to work. Just search the forum for winanimate. There are many many examples.

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