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KDE Klipper port to Windows

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Have you ever copied and pasted something important then at some point forgot where you saved it or lost it. Now you have to look for it all over again ! Well, possibly not...

This tool saves everything that is sent to Clipboard into a file for later retrieval (text). If you copy a file in Windows Explorer, it will save full path to the file.

Up to 500 entries (can be more, if source is modified, at the cost of performance).

Search function - search by keyword.

Export function - have too much to copy and paste ? Then just export everything to a file for easier access.

Don't want others looking at your clipboard history ? Encryption is available.

Choose how many entries to save from Settings menu.

Chosoe where to save the file with clipboard entries.

Note: This was only tested on XP. Icons are set for XP, on Vista or 7 icons might be different. You can set your own icons at the beginning of the script.


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