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StringFormat() Currency

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hi! i need to format a number from this 1254687 to this 1 254 687$, i can do this with multiple string command! but i wanna know if there a solution with the command StringFormat().

Thx in advance! :) bye bye

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You could use/modify this to do the formatting.

Func _MakeComma($Number)
    Local $_Number, $_Loop
    If $Number < 1000 Then Return $Number
    For $_Loop = 1 To Int(StringLen($Number) / 3)
        $_Number = "," & StringRight($Number, 3) & $_Number
        $Number = StringTrimRight($Number, 3)
    $_Number = StringRight($Number, 3) & $_Number
    If StringLeft($_Number, 1) = "," Then $_Number = StringTrimLeft($_Number, 1)
    Return $_Number
EndFunc  ;==>_MakeComma
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