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@ComSpec Help Needed

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I am assuming this should be easy but having browsed the forums and checked the help and I cannot resolve the below issue I am having with @Comspec. I have used @Comspec a number of times without any issues but I can't seem to get round this one...

If I run a the following command from cmd.exe in Windows

Regedit /e C:\Funk.txt "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Funk Software, Inc.\Odyssey\client\profiles" it works perfect and exports the key and sub keys to the text file C:\Funk.txt

If I run the same command from cmd.exe in Windows without the " " around the HKCU....

It does not work

I have played around with my script and have the following which does not work

Run(@COMSPEC & " /c " & "Regedit /e C:\Funk.txt HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Funk Software, Inc.\Odyssey\client\profiles", @WindowsDir, @SW_HIDE)

I am assuming it does not work as the cmd line needs the " " around the HKCU.... bit just like when I run it from CMD but I cannot work out the syntax to use so that I can include the " " inside the @ComSpec line without getting an syntax error back or it just now working. Anyone have any idea's about this?

Cheers in advance


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Nice 1 zorphnog - That has done the job. Thanks very much! :-)

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