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_INetMail and quote


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I try to create an automatic email from autoit including a shortcut to a file (in Lotus Webmail).

To create a shortcut in lotus, the syntax is "file://C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe" with the quote...

I have create a small script (1 line) to put this text in the clipboard :

ClipPut("""file://" & $CmdLine[1] & """")

With this, all is ok. If I paste my clipboard in an email, the link is ok.

Now, I want to automaticaly open an email with this line...

The line

_INetMail('', '', 'This is a test')
work fine but not the script below

$Body = '""' & 'This is a test' & '""'
_INetMail('', '', $body)

Any help will be appreciated...


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just for information:

Haven't have any problems with your code and outlook express and Lotus Notes 6.5. It seems to be a problem of your mail client.

Works fine:

#include <inet.au3>
;1st try
$body = 'This is a test'
_INetMail('', '', $body)
;2nd try
$Body = '""' & 'This is a test' & '""'
_INetMail('', '', $body)

But 2 nd gives ""This is a test"" as body in Lotus Notes but not in OE. In OE both bodies are This is a test



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