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detecting network working-ness

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me and my father share the modem via a cable extension thing that runs into my room. basically, when one of the side wants the internet, he unplugs one cable (assuming the other side is "in posession" of the internet) and plugs his cable.

this, of course, means that at times one side forgets to alert the other side that the cable has been switched.

basically, my dad forgets to yell that he surrendered the modem to me.

considering the fact i'm torrenting things obsessively, it's a big deal when he "forgets" to mention that fact for over 5 hours.

my plan: write a proggy that detects when the modem gets detected.

now, if it was as easy as prodding the little "lan network is disconnected" symbol with PixelGetColor() once in a while, i wouldn't be here.

problem is that said symbol doesn't always sit in the same place, nor does it even show at times. there is no visible pattern to follow aswell. that, honestly, slightly freaks me out. back to the point, anyway...

due to fact my computer is possibly posessed, the modem gets detected by (get this) EITHER a Local Television Input (that is sitting in NETWORK CONNECTIONS) or Local Area Network connection #3 (there is no #1 or #2)

i am never letting the IT guys from my ISP touch my computer again. EVER. :D

Due to fact i don't seem to detect a one liner which would allow me to detect if either of those things is on, i'm turning here.

my idea is a basic script. Obviously, i can't figure out the modem_is_connected part.

while 1=1

If modem_is_connected then msgbox(1,"","modem is connected")



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Ping google.com / some other pingable server every 3 minutes or so. When Ping returns 0, you are most likely disconnected from the internet.

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"most likely" XD


anyhow, the problem is not with the connection TO THE INTERNET, but with the connection TO THE MODEM.

i can be connected to the modem, but not to the internet, BUT NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND

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