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Google widget to search through a website rather than google


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I have a small google widget I created from scratch that you can input text and hit "search!" to bring up Google's search results or hit "URL" to go directly to the inputed URL address. Now I what I want to do is search through a different website but same results (use a proxy to go to the URL) I have the site I want to use I just don't know how to exactly make it work in my script. Basically you go to the proxy site and it gives you a blank bar that you can type a website URL in and it will take you there with no questions asked. However the URL AFTER you search through the proxy changes quite dramatically, it sort of encrypts it.

For example my desired URL is:


But the new URL after using the proxy search is:


How can I make my script take the input value of the widget and do searches using this proxy?

Ay advice will be appreciated and hope to hear some!

P.S. I don't know much about proxies and how they work, so if this is something I should know in order to build this let me know please.

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Hmmm, your right! Thank you so much. I will put this into my widget!!! Thank you again.

EDIT: The URL was easy enough, but now I am stuck on the actually search part, this time I can't just throw the search URL after the proxy site.

Example of normal search:


Example of proxy search:


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