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Com features in Beta, ObjGet

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Ok so this is an ongoing thing from this thread


As you can see all I want to do is pull some data from a .dll

I was told in that thread its com and I need to use the com functions.

So heres where I am ( all my info like .dll info and such are in the linked thread)

I read through the new autoit help files, I even read the com links (learned alot that I dont think applies to what im trying to do)

Now I guess I need to use the .dll as a com object, or it is a com object ? I dunno.

I registered the .dll, its in the registry (double checked)

I checked out the .dll in OLEview which allows me to see all the functions and even create a .IDL file.

I also have the program TlbImp.exe if I need to create a .TLB ( I dunno you tell me)

I have other resources as well (VB6,Visual C++, Visual .NET)

I checked the .dll with DUMPBIN.exe using the /exports switch and was able to view the 4 exports.

These are

1 ordinal base

4 number of functions

4 number of names

and heres the names of the 4 functions, I also have the ordinal , hint, and rva that it spit out if any of that is needed.,





I was able to use dllcall to get soem data out of another .dll that I had (nuthing like this one) but when I used the exports on it all the function names where listed and all I had to do was call them and viola.

This .dll I am playing with now is nuthing like that, All the info I need is in the .dll but isnt listed by the /exports switch on dumpbin, things such as the version of the .dll

I have the IDL file which tells everything the .dll can do.

All I want to do for starters is check the version of the .dll (I can figure out how to do anything else after that on my own if I could just get one working example)

Here is what I want from the .dll

[id(0x00000018), propget, helpstring("property FileVersion")]
        HRESULT FileVersion([out, retval] BSTR* pVal);

I found that in the IDL file. How can I pull that out ? using Objget or whatever it takes?

Theres a bunch more info on my .dll in the other linked thread.

So basically all I am asking for is how to get the info out of this .dll

Please please help me, I have been at this for weeks (nearly 4 to be exact) :)

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