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Saving files from http links


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I have a network storage device which has recently developed a problem. It's ftp server had failed, but http still works. My intention is to copy all required data off it and reset the device. With luck it should come back to life and all the data should still be there with the ftp server back up and running.

But I don't trust it that much.

As the last backup of this (raid) device was some time ago, it is safer to copy all files off it (via http) and make a current full backup. I can do this manually, but it is very tedious. Worse still is that the links to the files are not a sensible path, they are of the form...


So tools like (Firefox addon) DownThemAll and Wget do not seem to work.

I can get a list of the files in each directory, but would really love to be able to automatically copy all these files from the NAS to my local drive and place them in the appropriate directory. There are commonly over 100 files in each directory and several directories per share.

Having used Autoit for a while, I know it is fantastically powerful, and that this task should be reasonably simple for somebody who knows what they are doing! I assume that the IE udf will be of use here, but I could do with a push in the right direction.

Many thanks for any help or suggestions.

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You may be able to use InetGet.

Have had a quick look and it doesn't seem to work...

InetGet("http://username:password@myip/cgi-bin/public/edconfd.cgi?method=download&share=Photos&path=/photos/cheez/Olympus/2007&file=PC290087.JPG", @TempDir & "\myimage.jpg")

However it may be that the server is not happy with username:password@myip

If I type the path


into the browser it fails.

It also fails with http://username:password@myip/.....

If I log into the server first (via the login screen) then enter the path (without username & password) it does work. Consequently I think I need to work via IE as this is probably the reason wget failed.

If it is any help, I'm trying to access a LaCie NAS unit. The problem is looking more complex, but I think still doable.

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