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Bypass inputs on one window

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Hi, I wonder if you know how can I do to disable inputs for a targeted windows, I want that my keyboard and mouse doesn't work, but I still want ot be able to send mouse and keyboard clics trough autoit..

That way, I can still use my keyboard or my mouse on any other window.

Thanks in advance.

I need to set a state, like @SW_DISABLE, but which would still being able to recieve keys sent from my program, and only trough it.

Otherwise, if you have any idea about how to bypass the mouse and only it, if it's easier...

Edit, maybe by setting a hook, someone can help me to do that ?

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i admit i don't have much knowledge about autoit, but i did notice one thing:

when send() is used, it will magestically block (or mess up)all other keyboard input (on my computer at least)

so, when the time is needed, simply unlock the keyboard (or mouse) for the soul purpose of inputting the message, and then lock it up again.

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