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Registering a Function?


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Are you looking at AdlibRegister? OR possibly GUIRegisterMsg? or is it a user defined function?

Hi Mat...I am using a modified message box udf called CustomMsgBox. When switching to ver, the function that the creator used was obsolete and there (inside the udf file)i noticed he "unregistered" a function. As i never used to register functions and it always worked 100% without registering, i was just curious :D
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Can you show the line please? I don't have that UDF. And is this not the same question as you asked here?

Thats because your registering for the exit function. Before autoit exits it will run that function.

Brother, you are right...that WAS the same question...my appologies. Everything is working 100% now. All this "coding" gives me "Alzheimer" lol
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