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Home-made Cd/DVD duplicator help!


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I was surfing some forums and posted a few questions on how to create a rookie-style duplicator using the basics of 2 dvd burners installed on a desktop pc, and having a script to automate the burning process and eject it when finished. I was forwarded to this website and I did search high and low but came empty handed.

I would like to know if this is possible, I have an old IBM desktop laying around in which I can install 2 burners on it along with Nero or any other burning software. Want it so I can load both discs and start copying and eject when finished (thats included in nero). But not sure how to use AutoIt to configure it. If someone can please help me that would be great.

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Thank you!

Will this however eliminate me from using a monitor, and using it just as a duplication machine?

I don't see what a monitor have to do with it? I was under the impression that windows always have a desktop, even without a screen physically connected, for remote desktop and such things.

But maybe that's just me?


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