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how to do a file write every 5 min ?

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I made this script with autoiy bata 3.113 so i could use the com interface

once start this script i went this script to run as long as a program is runing an I went it to write to a file every 5 min thank for any help

Dim $omUIV

$omUIV = ObjCreate("UIView32.clsUIV")

MsgBox(0, "", "TEST" &$omUIV.intStationCount )

Dim $file

$file = FileOpen("yourIncludeFile.js", 2)

; Check if file opened for writing OK

If $file = -1 Then

MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")



FileWrite($file, "var number="&$omUIV.intStationCount)


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Check Out:

AdlibEnable ( "function" [, time] )


If Mod(@MIN, 5) = 0 And $mod = 0 Then
      ControlClick($hwndTally, "", $buttonRefresh, $primary, 1)
      $mod = 1; flag variable.  This is so that a button isn't clicked like mad, once every 20 msec for a full minute.
   ElseIf Mod(@MIN, 5) > 0 And $mod = 1 Then
     ; this is to reset the flag variable, once we're no longer evenly divisible.
      $mod = 0

This little snippet runs inside my main GUI loop and gets executed every 20 ms or so. It only clicks the "refresh" button once when the system clock's minutes are evenly divisible by five. I'm sure that you could easily modify it to update a file.

Mod(number,divisor) (or Modulus)

Returns zero if the number is evenly divisible. Otherwise Mod will return the remainder.

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