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Do.. Until // While ... WEnd

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Do...Until always runs the code at least once. It checks the condition after each run through the body of the loop. While...WEnd checks the condition before running the code, so its possible that the code may not execute if the condition isn't true at the start of the loop. Also, the While loop runs while a condition is true and stops when it is false. The Do loop runs while a condition is false and stops when the condition is true.

For example:

While 1 = 2
    MsgBox(4096, "", "This will never print")

    MsgBox(4096, "", "This prints")
Until 1 <> 2

And Slim, they are totally different. They must be thought of in different ways and are used in different ways, therefore, they are different. If they weren't different, they both wouldn't be present.

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