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hopefully a simple & clear inquiry


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"Hi all-

I have honestly tried a a number of occasions to find the answer to my questions on my own and always come back with more questions and no answers to the original questions >:"

* I am trying to produce a bot and am seeking how to:

* -Create a random interval of time within which several interactive variables

* would fluctuate, including: wpm & moment speed of the mouse pointer

* (several others pending success of the before)

Here are my questions:

1) Once a variable has been determined *such as a time amount for a Sleep command*,

how do you insert the value of x into "Sleep (x)"?

-similar to the basic command of "Let x=20"-

(please keep in mind when answering- this value would be changing every several seconds)

2) What manner of command or other line entry would create varying wpm and mouse movement speed ?

(yes also keeping in mind that this value would be changing every several seconds)

Anyone caring to realize that these two questions could be answered with just one good example and explanation - please go ahead. Help on this would be very much appreciated!

Sincere thanks-


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There are several mouse movement UDFs you can tap.

Here's one that's relatively easy. Learning to use it should further your personal AutoIt skills quite a bit :D

The wpm thing can be managed just using random() and send() at varying intervals... instead of sending whole strings, send individual keys at varied intervals.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can use my tweening UDF and Random() to make an entirely random transition from point to point.

If you're feeling really ambitious, you could analyze your own typing speeds, then create a table of average deviations for each character, then create a set of parameters for each sent key based on your own profile. Same goes for mousemove, although that's a bit more involved on the math end.

Sleep() is measured in thousandths of a second. Sleep(1000) pauses the script for 1 second.

$x = Random(500, 1500)

This snippet Sleeps for between .5 and 1.5 seconds. The Smoother Mousemove thread contains various examples of use. Good luck!

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Thanks for the helpful advice!!

To be as to the point as I can, I am really hoping to have a set time variable say- 5 seconds, after which all settings are determined to be in need to randomizing or left as they were previously set.

This would include all the before mentioned things to be randomized-

I shall play and test with the stuff you all suggested (linked references and all).

Thanks you for all so far.

One possible solution that might work for me for the WPM (if value inserting/changing works for it) is:

;AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDelay", 400)

*I hope to avoid much mental agony in learning to script- trying to pin down internal conflict and priorities in

*command execution have been a big problem for me in the past.

-Here is my new question:-

If I have a 5 second check that determines some settings should be set to different paces- how should I make it so

that this change would effect even currently executing commands?

Thank you~

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