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Modify Dns Records on a DNS Server


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I have a Windows 2003 Server and would like to Update the dns records on the server when my Dynamic IP changes

Is there a script out there that would allow me to update say my www a-record's ip address when it changes.

I have searched the forums but have not found anything so far.

If there isn't any can someone please point me in the right direction I can go to do this.


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Your question doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would you have an internal DNS record change when an external IP changes?

As for answering it, a simple way might be to automate clicks and typing in the management console.

I hosts my own dns and I have a server in another location that has a dynamic external address and i would like to change the record on my dns server to reflect the change in its address. This would allow me to simulate a dynamic dns server for my domain without getting a third party involved like Dyndns.org

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Ah, I see. So you are keeping track of an external resource that has a dynamic address.

You'll need the external server to send some kind of update to the computer hosting the DNS server. That requires the DNS server to have a static address. Do you have that?

My DSN Server has a static address.

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