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I made a set of few IMAP4 functions. You will find UDF and sample in attached zip-file

The functions are:

_IMAP4Connect()         Connects to IMAP4 server and selects Inbox as default folder
    _IMAP4Uidl()            Receives UIDL of all or given message(s)
    _IMAP4List()            Receives sizes in bytes of all or given message(s)
    _IMAP4Top()             Receives header or some header fields of the message with given number
    _IMAP4Noop()            Sends NOOP command to server.
    _IMAP4Retr()            Downloads message with given number 
    _IMAP4Dele()            Adds "\Deleted" flag to the message with given number.
    _IMAP4Quit()            Closes connection with IMAP4 server
    _TCPDisconnect()        Shutdowns TCP session. Don't forget to call it every time after _IMAP4Quit()

It was made in the likeness of Apzo's POP3 UDF (thank him for ideas)

I know, that IMAP4 is protocol with rich abilities. I realized only few of them - those that I have need of. If you want to add something, post your requests here.


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