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incomplete entry with ControlSend

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Am trying to automate one of my installation process with the following steps:


WinWait("My Installation","Select Installation")

ControlSend("My Installation","","","!f")

WinWait("My Installation","Select Installation")

ControlSend("My Installation","","",$drive&":\myinst\serv\")


Always I could see the edit box entry as ":\myinst\serv" apart from "D:\myinst\serv"

What could wrong from the above?


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My guess is that your script is sending "D" to the window and high-lighting the edit box (D is probably the key to highlight that editbox) then sending the rest of the string which would explain the missing "D"

$drive= "D"

$WinTitle = "My Installation"
$WinText = "Select Installation"

WinWait($WinTitle, $WinText)
WinWait($WinTitle, $WinText)
ControlSend("My Installation","",ENTERCONTROLID??, $drive & ":\myinst\serv\") ; NO CONTROL ID

Using ControlSend(), its probably a good idea for you to use the CONTROLID. Use Autoit Window Info tool

Help File: ControlSend ( "title", "text", controlID, "string" [, flag] )

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They call me MrRegExpMan

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