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Is AutoIt able to read text from a window? GetWinText and GetWinTitle work only for custom made windows as far as I can tell.

I want to read some text from windows I don't know anything about, no name/title, no ID, no anything. Either the Window Info tool is broken (can't get any details) or this is limited to custom window only. I am trying to get some text from device manager properties windows.

Anyone, help?

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AutoIt Window Info tool works just fine for me on device manager ^^. Try reinstall.

I did, the problem is I can get the main window name, id etc of device manager window but not child windows such as an adapter properties window. Say for example I want to get the name of a properties window in device manager (i.e. graphics card adapter), I am unable to read the window title, can't read from the window (I get "") etc.

Do you have a sample script reading stuff in device manager, maybe I'm doing something wrong...

I'm struggling with this problem for weeks. Thanks a bunch!

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