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Does Autoit Support ControlClick() on a Java Applet Control Currently?

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I tried this many times with different variation but is having no luck so far. I need to send mouse click to the background browser running a Java Applet. I tried MouseClick() and the click is okay. But I need the automated browser running in the background so I've to used ControlClick(). But so far, all I can do with ControlClick() is to cause the Applet to click on the current position of the cursor even I've explicitly specified another x,y coordinate in the ControlClick() call. A click can be simulated but always on the wrong location.

Is it a limitation of Java Applet ? Here is my test code:


; no click done at all if using Internet Explorer_Server control
;ControlFocus ( "ShowApplet", "", "[CLASSNN:Internet Explorer_Server1]")
;ControlClick ("ShowApplet", "", "[CLASSNN:Internet Explorer_Server1]","left", 1, 11,290)

; For SunAwtCanvas control. only clicks on the current cursor position, not the 216,390 I specified

ControlFocus ( "ShowApplet", "", "[CLASSNN:SunAwtCanvas1]")
ControlClick ("ShowApplet", "", "[CLASSNN:SunAwtCanvas1]","left", 1, 216,390)
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Yes, you're probably right when you thought this was a limitation of Java applet.

A lot of work has been done with Java already. Maybe you will find it of use: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=87956

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