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Quicktime installation!

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Hi again guys,

At this moment I'm working on the automatic installation of Quicktime.

I've used this simple Code:

Run ('\\pdc-heyyo\appsg\Redist\Apple\QuickTime\7.6.5\QuickTimeInstaller.exe /Q')

This Silently installs Quicktime and places his standerd "stuff".

But I dont want this standerd stuff!!

These are the items I DONT want to have installed:

- Desktop Shortcut.

- The program in Start Menu:

Posted Image

Does anyone have an idea how I can make those 2 "items" not to get installed.

Thanx in advance,


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Teun, it's probably easier to wait until the installation is finished and deleting the shortcuts.

I know ^^ but the problem is.. I need to install this and about 20 other programs on a School.

The school has about 30 computers.

So It wouldnt be good to have to do this manually.

Thats why i want to create a script that disallows those 2 "items".

So is there a way?

If there is a way to delete the desktop and startmenu "items" after installing, that would be fine too!

Please do let me know,


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