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Hard questions about ControlListView and Info tool

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I'm trying to create a script to automate the installation of a Printer in Windows 95 OSR2, using the Add Printer wizard. I'm not sure though, if I fully understand the purpose of the ControlListView commands in AutoIt3.

I launch the Add Printer Wizard from my script using Rundll, and I have been able to use AutoIt to automate the first few steps of installing a printer, but when I try to interact with a listview in the wizard using ControlListView or ControlCommand, then RunDLL crashes with a general protection fault.

When the wizard crashes, I had already pointed it to the .inf files for my printer drivers, and the listview I'm trying to control just displays the various models that I can choose from.

Here are some interesting observations:

Although I can see only one listview, the info tool reports that there are actually 2 listviews side by side. They are SysListView1 and SysListView3. It seems that the wizard was designed with one listview covering up two others. The one I want to interact with is SysListView2. I can send keystrokes to it, so I can SEE that it's the right one.

Also, the Next button seems to be placed on top of the Finish button. This really threw me for a while. The info tool told me it was the finish button, but my eyes told me it was the next button. I was able to guess at the classname, and got it right.

Is there any way to adjust the "depth" of what the infotool sees? Is there any other alternative that I can use to find the correct classnames of the controls I am seeing?

The info tool also reports the ListView that I want to control as SysListView. Now seeing that the wizard crashes when I try to control it, I have to ask: Is it really a "ListView32" control? Could this control somehow be some 16 bit control that is not properly supported by ControlListView?

I thank you for your advice in this matter. It seems that AutoIt would be PERFECT for automating tasks on windows 95, if only I could get it to work... :)

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