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Building a TCP Snyc text editing program

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hello all,

im a final year uni student and need help im building a program that allows two users to work on a single file.

user one will have the file and user two can cennect to the program using tcp and help edit the file as well.

so this file will be show on both computers at the same time and once one has edited the file the updated file gets show on both users systems at the same time.

i can do the TCP bit mosly but i still get lost when coding this part but i have no idear how to make this file show up and and be updated and allowing each user to see the keystrockes each one is making on this file.

one idear i had was a token contorl so only one user can edit the file and the pass control over for the file to edited as well but again how to update and show the text been added to the file.

any ideas would be grate and thanks.

ooo this i my final year project so please help.

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