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I'm looking for coder !

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Hello every1,

Recently I've found AutoIT as a powerfull automate scripts but I've got no clue where should I start. If any1 here could help me, I really appreciate.

I'm looking for a coder who could help me build a script which can do some simple job in details below:

1. It will auto activate my windows and send mouseclick to a buttom (position defined)

2. After that it will perform pixelchecksum then send mouse click to a buttom (above)

here is my code :


;get color at current possition below 408 276, arround "Kim"
$var = PixelGetColor( 408 , 276 )
$checksum = PixelChecksum(408,276,408,276)

;send mouse click on "Bat dau"
MouseClick("left" ,381, 528, 1 , 0) 

;W8 5s 

; find something change
While $checksum = PixelChecksum(408,276,408,276)
  $var1= PixelGetColor( 408 , 276 )


;send mouse click there on "Ngung"
MouseClick("left" ,381, 528, 1 , 0)

However, my expect should stop at "Kim" but result below show it stoped at "thuy" I just wonder is it delay from me to server for this game or my coding got error , if some1 could help ?

image on :

sorry fo file was too big

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Most of the time it is a violation of the eula to automate a game.

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