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mousecoords with var?

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hi guys,

I was making a script and I was wondering if there is any way to "recall" the coords where I need them. I was thinking about this (which doesn't work of course):

$Locvar= 100, 200
mouseclick ("left", $Locvar, 2)

Maybe you guys have a way to make this possible?

Berend Jan

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$Locvar= "100, 200"
MouseClick ("left", $Locvar, 2)

You just enclose the $Locvar in quotation marks.


:) This is incorrect

You cannot combine two parameters of a function into one variable! You must specify a separate variable for each parameter.

If you wanted to create your own function that takes a single string (text) paramter that contains two numbers separated by a comma, you can:

$Locvar= "100,200"
_MyMouseClick ("left", $Locvar, 2)

Func _MyMouseClick($button, $point, $clicks = 1, $speed = 10)
    Local $coords = StringSplit($point, ",")
    If UBound($coords) = 3 Then MouseClick($button, Number($coords[1]), Number($coords[2]), $clicks, $speed)
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