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Set Combo selection

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I can't seem to figure out how to set a combobox selection. Say I create a combo referenced as $combo using GUICtrlCreateCombo.

;this works:
;but if $default isn't already in the list, it gets added

;So I tried this:
;but it doesn't work either

;I wish this would work:
;but it clears the list

;this doesn't seem to work:
;it just returns 1 no matter what

I need to set the default to a string, but I don't know if that string is already in there or not. I don't want to add it if it isn't. I can't figure out how to check the list. I try using ControlCommand, but it returns 1 regardless.

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Big correction...

Have a look at some of the UDF's in the latest beta.

Specifically _GUICtrlComboBoxSelectString (currently mispelled as _GUICtrlCombBoxSelectString).

Or if you don't want the UDF, here's the guts of the function done up for your purposes:

Dim Const $CB_SELECTSTRING = 0x14D
GUICtrlSendMsg($combo, $CB_SELECTSTRING, 1, $default)

I think that should do it.

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