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InetGet saves empty file

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I've seen this problem in these forums before, but unfortunately no answers...

I want to save a webpage from www.weather.com with InetGet()

It used to work great, but since they changed the layout recently, InetGet saves a file with just a bunch of empty lines.

Probably some fancy script on that page, but is there a way to save that page anyway??

Cheers, Arjan

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That page uses a ridiculous amount of Javascript, but this code still works without a problem.

InetGet("http://www.weather.com/", "Test.html", 1)

I'm using the url as shown in the addressbar after entering a location.

So, the script I have been using so far showed the local weather info.

Tonight I've been trying to write a script that simply opens the url with mshta.exe

and then scans the temporary internet files for the right info.

But after testing a while I'm only getting blank screens.

I'll continue with it tomorrow unless there is an easier solution...

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