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Snippet Holder won't run

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I'm trying to use the Snippet Holder from SciTE editor (ctrl-alt-s) but unfortunately, I only get a (msgbox) saying:



_GUIImageList_AddIcon: -1

No other windows open

I have comctl32.dll in c:\windows\system32

I have shell32.dll in c:\windows\system32

I'm running this in Windows Seven.

AutoIt and Scite are installed in C:\Programs (not C:\Program Files) So the cSnippet.ini file should be able to be written.

AutoIt ver. 3.3.4

Which comes with CSnippet

Scite ver. 1.79

I have downloaded CSnippet

Does anyone have any idea what I might do to get it to run?

Thank you,


PS: I tried running ver. in interactive mode. I don't have the script for

When I did it gives me an error saying 296 AdlibEnable - Undefined function

So I change the function to AdlibRegister

PSS: Now I'm getting an error saying 123 $TBN_GETBUTTONINFO - Undeglared global variable

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