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Mouse click into external GUI subwindow

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Hi guys,

I'm stuck with a very basic problem. My code moves a window dialogue into the corner of the screen. Now I am basically just trying to get the mouse to click in a sub-window of the dialogue to be able to choose a certain file in list. When I write the code to do this, the mouse doesn't move, and there isn't any other indication that the code is working how I think it should be. My code is below, and I'll attach a screenshot. I did use Window Info to learn about the title of the sub-window, etc. but couldn't figure this out. Again I realize this is uber-simple, but for some reason can't get it to work. Thanks!

;select sub-window of the file select dialogue in which to make active

WinWaitActive("[CLASS:ListBox;INSTANCE:1]", "")

; move mouse into position to select the first file; use mouse click to enter into list; press enter






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WinWaitActive("[CLASS:ListBox;INSTANCE:1]", "")

That's the ID of the CONTROL not the window.

ID the window instead of the control and WinWaitActive() should work.


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