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Option select in a table, not a form

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I am trying to select a 'option select' dropdown box that resides in a table, not in a form. The page isn't mine, so I can't change anything, like put it in a form. The table can have any number of rows, each of which has its own dropdown box. Each box has its own ID as you can see in the code. Since this isn't in a form I can't use _IEFormElementOptionselect. How can I still make a choice? My goal is to select the same choice for each row. They each have to be done individiually, but the order (asd or des) doesn't matter.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

<tr id='4a00fa608085f09b'>
<td>1 <a href="javascript:instructions('Row: 1<br>Activity Start: 1/21/2010 01:54:13 PM<br><br>', '4a00fa608085f09b')"><b>I</b></a>
<select onchange="action(this, '1', '4a00fa608085f09b')">
<option value="#">...</option>
<option value="WFStatus?process=detail&w_id=4d00fa6080084ace">History</option>
<option value="#">...</option>
<option value="editAliases?row=1&action=EditAlias&process=edit&wi_id=4a00fa608085f09b">EditAlias</option>
<option value="wfAction?row=1&action=ChangeSupervisor&wi_id=4a00fa608085f09b&newperformer=">ChangeSuper</option>
<option value="#">...</option>
<option value="wfAction?row=1&action=Acquire&wi_id=4a00fa608085f09b">Acquire</option>
<option value="wfAction?row=1&action=AcquireDelegate&wi_id=4a00fa608085f09b&newperformer=">AcquDelegate</option>
<option value="wfAction?row=1&action=AcquireFinish&wi_id=4a00fa608085f09b">AcquFinish</option>
<option value="wfAction?row=1&action=AcquireRepeat&wi_id=4a00fa608085f09b">AcquRepeat</option>
<option value="#">...</option>
<option value="wfAction?row=1&action=Halt&wi_id=4a00fa608085f09b">Halt</option>
<option value="wfAction?row=1&action=AbortDestroy&wi_id=4a00fa608085f09b">Destroy WF</option>
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